Bid Process

We are working to award more than 400 pre-determined sites during the 2018-19 through 2021-22 academics years including 2022 Men’s Final Four. From preliminary rounds to final sites, quality venues are needed to crown champions in each of the 24 sports of the NCAA.

So what does it take to bid on an NCAA championship? To begin, bids must come from member institutions or conferences. If, however, a local organizing committee is created and plans to submit a bid, they must have an NCAA member institution or conference associated with the bid. From there, interested parties should review the bid specifications for the various championship(s) in which there is interest, paying close attention to the championship profile and requirements.

To continue the process, we will ask you to submit your intention to bid between June 6 and June 27, 2016 and then your full response is due not later than August 12, 2016 (2022 Men’s Final Four could have slightly different schedule). Each championship’s specifications will detail the requirements associated in hosting the event.

Your bid(s) will be evaluated on the following criteria (in no particular order).

  • Creation of special opportunities and experiences for student-athletes
  • Adherence to bid specifications
  • Proposed facilities
  • Proposed budget
  • Additional costs (travel, hotel, etc.)

Also, due to the approach to this effort, additional consideration will be afforded to the bids of those institutions and local organizing committees having interest in a variety of championships over the four year period, as well as where economies and efficiencies of scale can be had over the same period. Multiple year awards and city rotations are also both viable options as a part of this bid cycle.

Each respective sport committee will review the bid submissions and will advance recommended sites to the respective approving authority. Division I sport committees submit their recommendations to the Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet; Division II sport committees submit their recommendations to the Division II Championships Committee, which are then advanced to the Division II Management Council; and Division III sport committees submit their recommendations to the Division III Championships Committee.

The sites and hosts selected will be announced in December, 2016. (Note: the Men’s Final Four could have slightly different schedule.)

NOTE: Information and dates are subject to change and may be different during the publishing of the actual bid specifications.