Where can I find what championships are available to bid?

You can download the Bid Campaign Brochure contained on the home page of this website and/or review the tab on this site called ‘championships’ for the full listing of available championships.

What do I need to bid?

All bids must include a member institution or conference if submitted by an entity other than an institution or conference. Beyond that partnership, responses to the general bid specs, sport specific bid specs, facility information and a budget are all required elements for a bid.

Is there a bid fee?

No. No fees are associated with bidding for an NCAA championship.  Bid preparation expenses are the responsibilities of the bidder.

What is the “Host Symposium” and should I attend?

The Host Symposium is an opportunity to learn more about hosting NCAA championships from national office staff. The event is free and open to the first 400 registrants. The subject matter will be presented much for those who are first time hosts rather than the experienced host. Additionally, webinars will be made available for all to learn much of the same information and we will also record the sessions of the Host Symposium for viewing on the website.

The event is scheduled for May 4, 2016 in the national office.  More information will be communicated as the dates are solidified and details are confirmed. Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the attendee.

How do I get started?

It is best to develop a strategy for your institution/community/organization on what championships make sense for your area to host based on facilities, availability, interest,  requirements, and potential calendar conflict with other important events in your city. From there, ensure you have the appropriate partners in place to ensure a successful bid campaign as well as the execution of the event.

How many bids should I submit?

While there is no minimum or maximum numbers of bids you can submit, those bids reflecting a strategy and commitment to NCAA student-athletes will have the greatest opportunity for success. Those organizations wanting to submit many bids in hopes of receiving a few, will likely not be as successful.  Similarly organizations submitting multiple bids only for high profile championships, and not including any low profile championships also will most likely not be very successful.

How are bids evaluated?

Bids are evaluated by each individual sport committee and then recommended sites are advanced to the respective approving authority within each division. While more information will be made available regarding the evaluation, generally bids will be measured by the following.

  • Creation of meaningful student-athlete experience.
  • Met technical specifications.
  • Met general specifications.
  • Adherence to NCAA core values and principles.
  • Competitive budget.
  • Quality facilities.
  • Commitment from host(s).

In-person, video conference or teleconference presentations may be utilized by sport committees if the need arises to learn more about a particular community or venue. Site visits by NCAA committees and staff are also possible as part of this process. Generally speaking, however, we anticipate these two functions being more the exception than the norm. We are mindful of budget limitations and scheduling challenges and will only ask for in-person presentations if the situation dictates.

How is this process different than in the past?

This process is similar to the last cycle for 2014-2018 which was the single, largest site selection effort allowing for greater strategy and intentionality for all parties involved.  In comparison to years before 2014this new process avoids the perpetual bid cycle we often placed on the membership.

How can I share more information about my facility and city?

As part of the bid process, you may upload photos, letters of support, videos and other information to help convey more about your venue, city and organization. This is not required however.

Can I come to Indianapolis to meet with the national office staff?

With national office staff’s attendance at NASC, NACDA, CEFMA, NACMA and the Host Symposium, as well as webinars and other online sessions, to ensure a fair and transparent bidding environment, we are not permitting individual visits to the national office with the sole objective of lobbying/selling staff on a particular community or facility. In a similar way, gifts, invitations or incentives should not be provided to committees or staff in an effort to better position a bid.

What championships are not available for bid in this cycle?

83 of the 90 championships are available for bid, however, the following championships are not available for bid in this cycle.

1. Men’s College World Series (longer term agreement with Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Women’s College World Series (longer term agreement with Oklahoma City)
3. DIII Women’s Ice Hockey (non-predetermined championship)
4/5. DI M/W Outdoor Track and Field (extended agreement with University of Oregon)
6. DI Women’s Basketball
7. DI FCS Football Championship (extended agreement with Frisco, Texas)


Why does the Men’s Final Four have different timeline?

Because of the extensive needs of this championship and the size and scope of this bid process, we wanted to give those responding as much time to focus on each element without doing it concurrently.

When will sites be announced?

The full timeline is published on the website; however, we plan to announce all sites in December, 2016 with the exception of the Men’s Final Fours, which could have slightly different schedule.

How do I ask specific questions about my facility and/or bid?

You can email: championshipbid@ncaa.org to ask your question(s). A member of the bid campaign team will then respond to your inquiry. Questions on the viability or potential success of a bid will not be addressed so as to ensure a fair bid process.

When will the technical bid specs be available?

The general bid specs and sport specific technical specs are published on this website in the “Championships” section. You can download any/all desired specifications. From there, the bid portal will then reflect the actual bid specifications asking you to accept, decline or decline with exception each content section. This means you accept the bid specs in that section as presented; reject the bid specs in that section as presented; or reject them but disclose the terms or negotiating elements of your bid.

Where can I find even more information about past and current hosts, attendance and champions of each event?

More information about current championships can be found at

www.ncaa.com or www.ncaa.org

Are guarantees required within my budget?

Specific information by championship will define what parameters exist around the development of your budget and any required guarantees.

What if the bid campaign brochure and technical specs have differing information?

The bid campaign brochure was developed as a marketing tool to provide some initial information about each championship. While the information is indeed reliable, the technical specs and the information within them will prevail if any information is different between the two documents.

Who are the current corporate champions and partners (sponsors) of the NCAA?

More information of current NCAA corporate champions and partners can be found here.


Where can I find more information about an NCAA member institution or conference?

More information of NCAA member institutions and conferences can be found here.


Are there policies limiting institutions in certain states from hosting NCAA Championships?

Yes – policies exist against single game sports wagering and the use of the confederate flag.

As a result from one of the policies, NCAA Championships cannot be hosted in the states of Mississippi and Nevada.

Additionally, as an integral component of the higher education mission of our members, our Association strives to enhance the sense of community and strengthen the identity of a diverse membership. There are many challenges in today’s intercollegiate athletics environment. And we are faced continuously with evolving social dynamics that require us to adjust in an appropriate and effective manner. This Impact Statement calls on the membership, the national office staff and communities to ensure that NCAA events are conducted in a manner consistent with the Association’s core values.

Accordingly, the NCAA Board of Governors, reaffirm that it is the policy of the NCAA to conduct events that protect the student-athlete well-being and safeguard the experience of our students, fans and campus communities alike. To that end, we expect that in awarding contracts to host events, the selection process will include as one of many criteria that each bidder must provide a statement certifying its ability to deliver and maintain an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination and respects the dignity of all persons. Furthermore, we are directing the NCAA staff to inquire of all sites, which includes presently awarded predetermined sites and/or non-predetermined sites, as to how they intend on assuring its ability to deliver and maintain an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination and respects the dignity of all persons.

More information on the NCAA impact statement can be found here.

Can an institution/conference/LOC submit multiple bids?

Yes – multiple bids are permitted provided a different venue is proposed. For example, an LOC may propose a venue in city X and city Y; however, an LOC may not propose the same venue in the same city but with different hosts.

How do I watch one of the webinars?

The webinars will be available live to the members of NASC (National Association of Sports Commissions) at the published time. Following the webinar, the full presentation, including audio, will also be published on this website and made available for free for any interested parties.

What happens next if our bid is successful?

If your bid is accepted and then subsequently announced in December, it is done so contingent upon the following items.

  1. Execution of host agreement (includes operating agreement to terms, bid specs and budget).
  2. Submission of key contacts.
  3. Submission of marketing plan (agreed upon date).
  4. Submission of emergency management plan.
  5. Issuance of certificate of insurance (agreed upon date).
  6. Successful negotiation of hotel contracts (completed by Anthony Travel).

You will also be provided with marketing and media collateral (graphics, quotes, etc.) from which to use to publicize the announcement.

Is there a specific template for budgets available?

Yes – and is posted on the template section of ‘general bid specifications and contract templates’ section in the “Championships” section on www.ncaa.org/bids

If individuals in our community have relationships with specific sports committee members, what is the level of appropriate contact with those sports committee members to discuss a bid?

Any relationship(s) with a sport committee member are acceptable but should not be used to provide gifts, lobby or otherwise sway a committee member to select a site. Committee members are aware of their service to a sport committee and disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the Association.

Does the NCAA require a rebate within its new hotel program?

Not specifically; however, we plan to negotiate a commission on any rooms contracted as part of hosting an NCAA championship.

By what date in December will the bids be awarded?

The announcement date for December has not been finalized at this point in time but will be confirmed later this summer.

What information do I need to submit when bidding on the Division II National Championships Festival?

The following are the years and sports represented in each of the Fall, Winter and Spring Festivals.

2018 NCAA Division II National Championships Fall Festival

Men’s and Women’s cross country

Field hockey

Men’s and Women’s soccer

Women’s volleyball

2020 NCAA Division II National Championships Spring Festival

Men’s and Women’s golf

Women’s lacrosse


Men’s and Women’s tennis

2021 NCAA Division II National Championships Winter Festival

Men’s and Women’s indoor track and field

Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving


In addition to submitting the individual sports budgets for each sport represented in each festival, please ensure you have additionally provided information on the following:

 Festival budget section

  • Recommended opening ceremony venue rental, if any fees
  • Recommended closing ceremony venue rental, if any fees
  • Recommended VIP reception venue rental, if any fees

Uploaded under other documents

  • Local organizing committee (LOC) / host structure chart
  • Letters of community support, where applicable
  • Listing of local transportation companies (motor coaches, car and van rentals options)
  • Please share if there are any construction or plans for project remodeling during the dates in which you are bidding and if so, dates of the construction or plans for the remodeling (i.e., airport, hotels, venues, major roadways, etc.
  • Detailed information on ways host can meet the volunteer needs of the event.

What strategy or tips would you supply to help us submit a successful overall multiple bid offering?

Here are a key points for a successful multi-bid scenario:

  • Offering bids for both high profile and low profile Championships
  • Competitive pricing – facilities, travel and accommodation
  • Student-Athlete experience for both high profile and low profile Championships

Who pays the tax on the sale of tickets to the Championship site?

The NCAA requires the host to submit a budget for ticket taxes in its budget submission, if applicable.  Hosts will allot the funds necessary to pay all State and local taxes on the sale of tickets in their budget proposals.  In addition, the actual amount of appropriate taxes shall be included in the final report as a reimbursable expense.

Who is responsible for remitting the taxes to the state/locality?

The NCAA requires the hosting parties (generally the venue or local organizing committee, rarely the hosting conference or institution) to remit the tax on the gross revenue of the championship event to the appropriate authorities.

Who is responsible for communicating the tax rate to the NCAA?

The host shall be responsible for informing the NCAA of all applicable taxes for the championship event.  This includes, but is not limited to:  state sales/amusement tax; local sales/amusement tax; special tax exemptions for NCAA events, etc.

The NCAA is a 501 (c)3 exempt organization, and is therefore exempt from sales tax in many states on the purchase of goods and services. Can I use this tax exemption for my approved hosting budget?

It depends.  Generally, the NCAA cannot pass it sales tax exemption on the purchase of goods and services to an unaffiliated third party, however; certain states may allow for this restriction to be lifted.  Please contact the NCAA finance department and/or the championship manager for further information specific to your state/locality.